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64° Good Afternoon
64° Good Afternoon
SCORES Girls Volleyball Suffolk

2018 statistical leaders

Based on scores reported to Newsday

Kills leaders

Player School Kills
Victoria Erwat Amityville 63
Jaelyn Conquest Bellport 57
Ally DeGaray Whitman 57
Cat Jamison Huntington 47
Amanda DeWitt Whitman 46
Mikela Junemann East Hampton 46
Jamie Trowbridge Bellport 40
Nia Kalodimos East Islip 40
Juliette Seeliger Westhampton 39
Jen Moks Hauppauge 37
Cortina Green Westhampton 36
Caleigh Kilmurray East Islip 36
Sally Tietjen Smithtown West 34
Jenna Harclerode Sayville 33
Lindsay Clark East Islip 33
Michelle Kryl Westhampton 27
Caroline Garretson Glenn 26
Madyson Neff East Hampton 25
Emily Gentzel Bellport 24
Colleen Shaw Bellport 23
Mia Cergol Glenn 23
Sydnie Rohme Northport 22
Kasey Tietjen Smithtown West 19
Maddie Reed Huntington 18
Ella Gurney East Hampton 17

Blocks leaders

Player School Blocks
Jaelyn Conquest Bellport 27
Colleen Shaw Bellport 19
Alyssa Mantione Bellport 10
Deirdre Carney East Islip 9
Madison Baumann Bellport 9
Stephanie Gatto Centereach 8
Carley McAleavey Smithtown West 7
Maura Pesce Westhampton 7
Tamia Lawson Bellport 7
Hailey Lap Sayville 7
Jenna Harclerode Sayville 6
Sophia Mattern Centereach 6
Caroline Garretson Glenn 6
Nia Kalodimos East Islip 6
Madison Mergl Sayville 5
Paulina Rutkowski Patchogue-Medford 5
Victoria Erwat Amityville 4
Kylie Wixted Connetquot 4
Hannah Tuma Pierson/ Bridgehampton 4
Mary Dexter Amityville 4
Michelle Kryl Westhampton 3
Jenna Stockfeder Whitman 3
Shannon Kehoe Huntington 3
Sally Tietjen Smithtown West 3
Emani Jones Amityville 3

Assists leaders

Player School Assists
Madison Mergl Sayville 122
Elle Johnson East Hampton 121
Nicole Palmer East Islip 112
Alyssa Mantione Bellport 105
Olivia Jayne Westhampton 92
Annabelle Novinski Whitman 82
Danielle Zarcone Smithtown West 81
Shannon Kehoe Huntington 71
Tamia Lawson Bellport 60
Colleen Buckley Hauppauge 48
Mary Dexter Amityville 46
Amanda Harrop Centereach 38
Kelly McLaughlin Northport 33
Lexi Cavalieri Sachem North 31
Liz Jernick Greenport / Southold 28
Abby Newman Half Hollow Hills East 27
Lexi Cavalieri Sachem North 26
Mia Cergol Glenn 25
Layla McKeller Bay Shore 24
Lexi Cavalieri Sachem North 21
Hanna Lupo Bellport 21
Caroline Miller Glenn 19
Caitlin Dellecave Patchogue-Medford 18
Lindsay Andreopolous Westhampton 18
Danielle Horn Eastport-South Manor 17

Digs leaders

Player School Digs
Belle Smith Westhampton 155
Kailee Muscarello Sayville 102
Jamie Trowbridge Bellport 86
Nikki LaFrancesca East Islip 59
Lindsay Clark East Islip 57
Jennifer O’Leary Sayville 56
Emily Timarky Centereach 53
Mia Suarez Bellport 49
Cat Jamison Huntington 44
Molly Mamay East Hampton 44
Cassidy Evans Glenn 41
Nicole Palmer East Islip 39
Maggie Neiland Whitman 38
Emily Gentzel Bellport 35
Madison Mergl Sayville 34
Jaelyn Conquest Bellport 34
Sally Tietjen Smithtown West 33
Demi Kalodimos East Islip 30
Alyssa Mantione Bellport 30
Marisa Mansi Hauppauge 30
Ally DeGaray Whitman 28
Kaylee Troy Smithtown West 28
Mia Sansanelli Glenn 26
Mia Cergol Glenn 25
Delaney Roan Bay Shore 25

Aces leaders

Player School Aces
Jamie Trowbridge Bellport 24
Ally DeGaray Whitman 20
Jaelyn Conquest Bellport 19
Elle Johnson East Hampton 19
Mary Dexter Amityville 19
Lindsay Clark East Islip 13
Maggie Neiland Whitman 12
Madison Mergl Sayville 11
Tamia Lawson Bellport 11
Nikki LaFrancesca East Islip 11
Victoria Erwat Amityville 10
Caleigh Kilmurray East Islip 10
Nicole Palmer East Islip 10
Kailee Muscarello Sayville 10
Sydney Beggins Hauppauge 10
Kaylee Troy Smithtown West 10
Amanda DeWitt Whitman 9
Liz Jernick Greenport / Southold 9
Molly Mamay East Hampton 9
Sally Tietjen Smithtown West 8
Lindsey Gibbs Sachem North 8
Cat Jamison Huntington 8
Hannah Naja Smithtown West 8
Colleen Shaw Bellport 8
Annabelle Novinski Whitman 8