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60° Good Evening
60° Good Evening
SCORES Boys Volleyball -- Fall Suffolk

2018 statistical leaders

Based on scores reported to Newsday

Kills leaders

Player School Kills
Matt Wertheim Smithtown East 57
Jack Driscoll Sachem North 56
Michael Knopf Hauppauge 55
Daniel Haber Westhampton 48
Ryan Barnett Westhampton 43
A.J. Fitzgerald Sachem North 27
Justin McArdle Smithtown East 25
Joshua McDonald Hauppauge 22
Stan Maring Half Hollow Hills 18
Jack Poplawski Whitman 17
Josh George Ward Melville 17
Micah Terry Westhampton 16
Trey Cole Connetquot 14
Ryan Parker Northport 13
Matt Tsoros Hauppauge 12
Ian Winkler Smithtown East 11
Dominic Bonura Smithtown West 10
Anthony Canaletich Smithtown West 10
Dan Shanley Smithtown West 9
Chris Leoni Hauppauge 8
Tyler Ziems Sachem North 8
Andrew Diaz Northport 8
Ryan Haber Westhampton 7
Luke Farnan Westhampton 7
Chris Rouleau Bay Shore 6

Blocks leaders

Player School Blocks
Joshua McDonald Hauppauge 31
Kevin Barret Hauppauge 20
Ian Winkler Smithtown East 11
Jared Zwycewicz Ward Melville 5
Jack Poplawski Whitman 4
Micah Terry Westhampton 3
Matt Wertheim Smithtown East 3
Tyler Ziems Sachem North 3
Ryan Parker Northport 3
Dom Esposito Whitman 2
C.J. Johnson Sachem North 2
Aidan Sattler Westhampton 1
Ryan Haber Westhampton 1
Ryan Barnett Westhampton 1
Daniel Haber Westhampton 1

Assists leaders

Player School Assists
Anthony Ferrara Hauppauge 142
Ryan Haber Westhampton 109
C.J. Johnson Sachem North 97
Ryan Bunk Smithtown East 51
Jared Zwycewicz Ward Melville 50
Brian Spencer Connetquot 21
Dominic Bonura Smithtown West 17
Ryan Parker Northport 17
Dean Birbiglia Smithtown East 16
Dan Shanley Smithtown West 13
Dom Esposito Whitman 12
Matt Lambert Westhampton 6
Luke Farnan Westhampton 4
Micah Terry Westhampton 2
Ryan Barnett Westhampton 2
Jack Poplawski Whitman 1
Nate Bienia Westhampton 1

Digs leaders

Player School Digs
Matt Lambert Westhampton 56
Joe Cutrone Smithtown East 44
Sean Rorke Hauppauge 29
Ryan Haber Westhampton 21
A.J. Fitzgerald Sachem North 20
Jack Driscoll Sachem North 19
Daniel Haber Westhampton 19
Ryan Barnett Westhampton 18
Matt Wertheim Smithtown East 17
John Curaro Sachem North 16
Andrew Diaz Northport 14
Micah Terry Westhampton 13
Luke Farnan Westhampton 12
Nate Bienia Westhampton 10
Justin McArdle Smithtown East 6
Jack Poplawski Whitman 5
Aidan Sattler Westhampton 4

Aces leaders

Player School Aces
Matt Tsoros Hauppauge 6
Josh George Ward Melville 6
Justin McArdle Smithtown East 5
Ryan Barnett Westhampton 5
Ryan Haber Westhampton 4
Daniel Haber Westhampton 4
Patrick Mangels Bay Shore 4
Jack Poplawski Whitman 3
Luke Farnan Westhampton 3
Jack Driscoll Sachem North 3
Matt Lambert Westhampton 2
A.J. Fitzgerald Sachem North 2
Nate Bienia Westhampton 2
Micah Terry Westhampton 1