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64° Good Evening
64° Good Evening
SCORES Boys Volleyball -- Fall Nassau

2018 statistical leaders

Based on scores reported to Newsday

Kills leaders

Player School Kills
Daniel Palant Syosset 32
Sawyer Thompson Wantagh 31
Sean Hong New Hyde Park 31
Sammy Ben-Levi Roslyn 24
Gabriel Izakson Syosset 24
Jason Hendler East Meadow 22
Albert Shabaev Syosset 21
Yosuke Mizuguchi New Hyde Park 19
Tyler Migliaro Wantagh 19
Michael Koestner Syosset 17
Elia Hong Roslyn 17
Kyle Kamali Great Neck North 16
Gordon Wong Jericho 16
Jordan Peiser Great Neck North 16
Dan Lovelace Wantagh 15
Tyler Anderson Bellmore JFK 15
Jack Palmer Long Beach 15
Ben Naouai Long Beach 15
Lukas Lambraia Garden City 14
Antonio Valenti Oceanside 14
Michael Carroll New Hyde Park 12
Tim Migliaro Wantagh 12
Aaron Kamali Great Neck North 12
Owen Ascher Garden City 11
Dylan Jacoby Calhoun 11

Blocks leaders

Player School Blocks
Daniel Palant Syosset 39
Albert Shabaev Syosset 23
KV Atwal New Hyde Park 15
Michael Carroll New Hyde Park 11
Dylan Jacoby Calhoun 9
Sammy Ben-Levi Roslyn 8
Ethan Youseffi Great Neck North 8
Evan Michaels Long Beach 7
Michael Koestner Syosset 7
Gabriel Izakson Syosset 7
Aaron Kamali Great Neck North 7
Lukas Lambraia Garden City 6
Jason Maser Syosset 5
Owen Rose Calhoun 5
Jordan Peiser Great Neck North 5
Jason Hendler East Meadow 5
Tyler Anderson Bellmore JFK 4
Ben Naouai Long Beach 4
Joe Chambers West Hempstead 4
Sean Hong New Hyde Park 4
John Davey Roslyn 3
Jack Nugent Floral Park 3
Elia Hong Roslyn 3
Sal Velotti Jericho 2
Cyrus Lalehzar Garden City 2

Assists leaders

Player School Assists
Patrick Farrell New Hyde Park 60
Jason Maser Syosset 51
Tyler Migliaro Wantagh 49
Dom Cieleski Long Beach 41
Justin Heitner Roslyn 38
Mark Beckman Garden City 37
Teddy Kim West Hempstead 35
Matt Felicetti Floral Park 31
Pat Sanchez Calhoun 28
Cody Lavian Great Neck North 23
Stephen Sklar Oceanside 23
Andrew Kim Jericho 23
Danny Vargas Herricks 21
Cooper Moran Bellmore JFK 21
Anthony Cavanagh East Meadow 20
Noah Hakim Great Neck North 17
Alex Collins Jericho 16
Mitchel Lou New Hyde Park 12
Tim Lee Great Neck North 5
Lukas Lambraia Garden City 4
Andrew Cheng Garden City 3
Nikhil Tandon New Hyde Park 1
Gordon Wong Jericho 1
Jake Moreh Jericho 1
Ethan Kornberg Jericho 1

Digs leaders

Player School Digs
Tim Lee Great Neck North 38
Sean Han Syosset 37
Charlie Lefkowitz Jericho 32
Stephen Baymack Garden City 32
Tim Migliaro Wantagh 20
James An Syosset 16
Andrew Kim Jericho 15
Joey Tsai New Hyde Park 13
Michael Koestner Syosset 13
Gordon Wong Jericho 11
Lukas Lambraia Garden City 11
Hunter Moran Bellmore JFK 10
Jihoon Jun Syosset 8
Mark Beckman Garden City 7
Alex Collins Jericho 7
Andrew Cheng Garden City 7
Yosuke Mizuguchi New Hyde Park 6
Jack Palmer Long Beach 6
Samuel Lee Syosset 6
Sam Chun Jericho 5
Jake Moreh Jericho 5
Sal Velotti Jericho 4
Owen Ascher Garden City 4
Justin Steinberg Bellmore JFK 4
Sean Hong New Hyde Park 4

Aces leaders

Player School Aces
Jason Hendler East Meadow 16
Michael Koestner Syosset 13
Tyler Migliaro Wantagh 13
Jason Maser Syosset 11
Tim Migliaro Wantagh 10
Mitchel Lou New Hyde Park 9
Jihoon Jun Syosset 8
Elia Hong Roslyn 7
Mark Beckman Garden City 6
Nick Grau Herricks 6
Jack Santoro Syosset 6
Daniel Palant Syosset 6
Tyler Jarzabek Bellmore JFK 6
Tarun Singh Herricks 4
Samuel Lee Syosset 4
Ben Naouai Long Beach 4
Stephen Baymack Garden City 4
James An Syosset 4
Tyler Anderson Bellmore JFK 3
Albert Shabaev Syosset 3
Lukas Lambraia Garden City 3
Michael Carroll New Hyde Park 3
Sean Hong New Hyde Park 3
Cooper Moran Bellmore JFK 3
Patrick Farrell New Hyde Park 3