2017 statistical leaders

Based on scores reported to Newsday

Softball home run leaders

Player School HR
Kristen Collins Holy Trinity 5
Kaitlyn Giaccone Kellenberg 2
Maggie Donnelly Our Lady of Mercy 2
Erin Steinert St. Anthony's 2
Brianna Castro Holy Trinity 2
Janae Barracato Sacred Heart 2
Kate Karamouzis Sacred Heart 2
McClean Long Island Lutheran 1
Zatyk St. Anthony's 1
Alexa Sacritante St. John the Baptist 1
Marissa Stanco Portledge 1
Tierney Fitzgerald Holy Trinity 1
Simone St. Anthony's 1
LeAna Duszak Portledge 1
Gabby Farino Holy Trinity 1
Kramer Portledge 1
Megan Harvey Kellenberg 1
Ragone St. Mary's 1
Kerry Pancoast Holy Trinity 1
Alyssa Seidler St. Anthony's 1
Caroline Bratichak Kellenberg 1
Alyssa Delaney St. Anthony's 1
Tierney Holy Trinity 0
Madison Keller Kellenberg 0
Leinbach Sacred Heart 0

Softball win pitcher leaders

Player School Wins
Claire O'Brien Sacred Heart 10
Alyssa Seidler St. Anthony's 10
Tierney Fitzgerald Holy Trinity 9
Kayla Daly St. Anthony's 8
Madison Keller Kellenberg 7
Carly Kleinwaks Portledge 6
Caroline Bratichak Kellenberg 5
Rosie Foster Our Lady of Mercy 5
Victoria Grillo St. John the Baptist 3
Marissa Stanco Portledge 3
Julia Testagrose St. Dominic 2
Molly Resnick Waldorf 2
Ashley Faccilonga Kellenberg 2
Giana DiGiovanni Sacred Heart 1
Erin Gleeson Holy Trinity 1
Reed Long Island Lutheran 1
Leinbach Sacred Heart 1
Gannon Sacred Heart 1
Maggie Donnelly Our Lady of Mercy 1
Dana Ragen St. John the Baptist 1
Tierney Holy Trinity 0
Alexa Sacritante St. John the Baptist 0
Megan Harvey Kellenberg 0
Brillo St. John the Baptist 0
Cassidy Knox 0